Curtains & Shutters

Awnings 4 U offer a variety of rich and luxurious curtains for your home.

Curtains are a classic window treatment and continue to be a popular choice for our homes. Whilst they make rooms feel more warm and comfortable, curtains also have the distinct ability to dress up a space, adding character and depth.


The stunning opulence of meticulously hand crafted interior shutters This capsule collection offers both a wide range of styles and stunning finishes and a delectable colour palette.

Curtain Poles

The correct curtain pole is a must-have for any window display with curtains. Our selection of poles will ensure curtains are hung effectively, whilst transforming the look and feel of the space.

Curtain Tracks

A range of 25mm cellular fabrics, Softcell presents a sophisticated collection of delicate fabrics that create a harmonious geometrical form of precisely woven fabric. The delicately constructed cell creates a pocket of air which provides increased insulation properties.

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