It’s in the name. We specialise in a variety of awning designs and materials that will suit all needs. View our range below.

Kentmere’s are one of the most compact terrace awnings on the market today, designed and installed to your liking.

Our Kentmere awnings can be purchased and installed with or without valance and can also be installed with an electrical or manual control system.


The Grasmere provides striking proof that not all awnings are necessarily expensive.

For years, the Grasmere has been classed as a bestseller, installing thousands all over the country.  The unique anti-jam system ensures that the awning always closes perfectly from any position. Our Grasmere awning collection also comes in a variety of acrylic fabrics and colours.


Coniston’s distinguishing features are its olive-shaped appearance, unique adjustment settings and substantial dimensions. These ensure that the Coniston can be fitted in almost any imaginable situation.

As a larger version of a Windermere, the Coniston is also an attractive addition to your facade, when closed. If you are looking for a stylish and high-quality terrace awning with stunning looks, then look no further than the Coniston.


The Windermere, a highly popular terrace awning due to its design and the wide range of available colours.

When closed it has an appealing oval shape. The adjusting device of the Windermere is covered behind beautifully finished teardrop covers. These stylistic features do not detract from its quality at all. It can be installed in almost every situation due to its unique instalment possibilities. If you are looking for a stylish and high-quality terrace awning, then Windermere is the model for you.

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